The following set up information is for:

Westmoreland mall, for the 5th Annual Splendor of Spring Gift and Craft Expo,,
May 31st - June 4th 2017

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Table and cloth rentals are very limited for this mall. Miller Promotions is providing these rentals. So if you ordered them, then we will have them for you. Tablecloths are very limited! Please make an attempt to have a tablecloth and chair! You must have your own table and cloths. You MUST BRING YOUR OWN CHAIRS.

The show manager will be in the center of the mall, downstairs. She will indicate if you are upstairs or downstairs. Call the show manager to learn where your location is at 412 415 3584  when you arrive at the mall


Upstairs vendors will use loading dock D

Downstairs vendors will use loading dock B

The event will be set up on the lower and upper level in the center of the mall

Use the link to review the map of the mall



1.             NEW SERVICE: Miller Promotions will now rent or sell commercial grade table coverings that will cover all 4 sides of a banquet type table. Rental cost is $10 per covering. Purchase price is $36 for a 6' or $48 for 8'

2.             This mall offers camper parking. This will help many traveling vendors reduce their overnight expense. Please let us know if you have an interest in this option for future shows at this mall.  We are working on securing this option for all locations.

3.             We have many applications for the 2017 shows. Pay for any show in full at this event and receive 15% off the participation fee. Talk to the show manager about specials, and deposits that will secure your spaces.

Show manager – Lucille Bently

Assistant Show manager -  position available

Show Promoter - Susan Miller

The event will be located throughout the mall in the common areas

Booth display overview: If you are a vendor that requested electricity, then you should have 3 sides of your booth available to walk by traffic. If you did not requested electricity, then you will have 4 sides available to walk by traffic.

Electric, table rentals, & table cover rentals are available on a 1st come 1st served basis. We will honor all requests that are indicated on your applications. Please double check your application at this time.

Set up times: Tues.-Sat: 9-11pm  Wed. - Sat: 8-10 am   Sun 9-11 am (evening set up must check in at 8:30. The show manager will leave by 9:30 if you don't check in)

A manager will be available during all set up days. You can locate the one of the show managers near the elevators.

The 10x10 space will be marked off with blue tape at each corner of the 10x10 space. The show manager will be doing a walk through to ensure that exhibitors have not exceeded the 10x10 space. If a larger space is needed, please contact Susan Miller, or the show manager. A vendor is subject to removal from the show, if they move or use a space that is not assigned to them. This decision will not be wavered if the mentioned vendor is completely set up.


Look for the mall entrance in between Bon Ton and Sears. You will need to pull up to these entrances. Walk to the manager's table, then locate your spot. Go to your vehicle, put your items on the dolly, and dolly your items to your booth. DO NOT SET UP. Finish unloading your vehicle, and then move your vehicle.

IMPORTANT: Each vendor is responsible for bringing their own dolly! The mall will not provide one. No exceptions! 

Here are some issues that we will be overseeing and correcting during the event.

- Table skirting should be all one color, and touching the floor on 3 sides. The show manager reserves the right to ask you to replace your skirting if it does not meet this requirement. If you are unable to secure a new skirting, then one will be provided for you for a $10 rental fee per tablecloth.

- All boxes, bins and extra inventory, must be stored out of sight. If these items can be seen by the show management and mall management, then you may need to take these items back to your vehicle.

- Do not bang the service door entrance or doors with your dollies or boxes.

- NO SOLICITING to store owners, managers, or staff!!! Any vendor caught doing this will be immediately removed from the show. This applies to any drawings or show specials that you may be offering!

- Any issues with store owners, store managers, mall management, or security must be brought to the show manager’s attentions! Please do not take matters into your own hands! Any vendor taking matters into their own hands could be subject to removal from the existing and future shows.

- All exhibitors must operate in a professional manner! The mall manager or show manager reserves the right to remove any exhibitor that does not operate in a professional manner, without a refund.

- Exhibitors are expected to make every attempt to provide good customer service. 

- No calling customers over to your booth.

- No soliciting vendors.

- No hand written signs.

- Put empty boxes and large amounts of trash in the mall dumpsters. DO NOT FILL MALL TRASH CANS with excessive trash.

- No CLEARANCE signs. "Show Specials" are welcomed.

- Please cover any exposed metal that touches the floor. This is to prevent scratching of the wood floors.

- Any exposed cords that are in a walk area must be taped down using painter's tape only.

Please do not bring items other than what you have listed on your application. Any item displayed other than what is listed on the application, will be subject for removal.


Tear down times: Saturday at 9 pm. Sunday 6 pm

There are no early teardowns. This will be strictly enforced! Any vendor caught tearing down, will be removed from the participation list for future shows of Miller Promotions, and prohibited to do future shows. Security reserves the right to prevent any exhibitor from tearing down early! Your application will be forwarded to our file for "Banned Vendors". This file will be on hand for review, during future application processing.

There are no refunds of any kind. No exceptions! This also applies to no shows, late arrivals, illness, family circumstances, traveling circumstances, and any type of request for a refund. Your space has been rented to you, and CAN NOT be re-rented with out the approval of the show coordinator.

Handcrafted items: We will be doing on site jury process during the show to verify that items are handcrafted. Any vendor that signs up with handcrafted items, MUST BE PRESENTING 100% handcrafted items by the exhibitor. Any items listed as handcrafted, that are not handcrafted, will be asked to remove these items, or you will have to pay an additional $30 to have these items on your table. This procedure must be enforced; to be fair to the vendors displaying 100% handcrafted items. We are also asking that each vendor help us in this procedure. If you are aware of items that are not handcrafted, please let the show management know this. We appreciate everyone's cooperation with this.



Driving Directions

From the North (Saltsburg):

Take PA-981 S. toward Greenburg.

Turn right at US-119 S/US-22 W/William Penn Hwy.

Turn left at US-119 S.

Turn left at Arch Ave/PA-819/US-119.

Turn left at PA-130 E/E Pittsburgh Street.

Take the ramp onto E Pittsburgh St/US-30 E.


From the East (Youngstown):

Merge onto US-30 W.

Continue on East Pittsburgh Street.

U-turn at Triangle Drive.

Take the ramp onto E Pittsburgh St/US-30 E.


From the Southwest (Youngwood):

Take US-119 N.

Continue on US-119 N.

Turn left to merge onto US-30 E/East Pittsburgh Street.


From the West (Frankfort Springs):

Take US-30 E ramp

Merge onto Lincoln Hwy W/US-30 E.

Continue to follow US-30.



We look forward to working with you!


Susan Miller

Event Promoter